When I was 18, I packed my bags and made the move from South Florida to Los Angeles, California. Upon leaving, I remember visiting with my drama teacher, Mrs. Herzfeld, one last time and she gave me a sound piece of advice that I have carried with me all of these years. 

She told me that no matter what I do, I must keep a daily schedule. That without any structure it will mess with my days and productivity. After hearing that, it stuck with me and I realized that the first thing I do every single day counted. It was then and there that I decided I would follow a morning routine to set the tone for my day.


As I have grown throughout the past 12 years, my morning routine has evolved. But what I love most about morning routines is the fact that you get to take charge of your day. You set the tone, vibe & energy for what you want to attract the rest of the day. Routines help you avoid mental fatigue as well (this is why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same thing every day) & helps you to be more productive. 

Knowing exactly what the first 60 minutes of my day looks like is crazy powerful. It helps me to feel in control, which in turn reduces anxiety and ensures I’m more productive throughout the day.



1. Immediately hydrate and drink a bottle of water. After 6-10 hours with no hydration, it is imperative to jump-start your day with water. It is a great way to get your metabolism going and feel really good right off the bat.

2. Stretch like a boss. I notice the second I begin stretching it helps to wake me up and get my blood flowing. The quicker I feel up and ready to rock the day the quicker I can get to work.

3. Coffee + ten pages of personal development. I love getting my mindset on point before I begin my day. Reading ten pages of personal development preps me to take on the world. Usually, specific actions I take throughout the day I make because of something I read that morning.       

4. Essential Oils + Good Music + Gratitude Journal + Brain Dumping Journal. I am all about a good environment. I love setting the ambiance by putting some oils through the diffuser, playing a great song list & writing in my gratitude and brain dumping journal. Brain dumping is pretty much any and everything that is on my to-do list in my head. Writing down and prioritizing everything helps to organize my day without the stress of forgetting something.  My gratitude journal is a must. I love to thank the universe for its blessings.  When I do this, the universe makes room for new blessings. 

5. Daily Goals + Daily Planning. The last part of my morning routine involves mapping out my daily goals and daily planning. If you don't control your day the day will control you. Knowing exactly what my day entails helps me to make it a wonderful day!


A FEW OF MY MORNING FAVORITES: Coffee French Press | Current Read | Chic Notebook | Oil Diffuser | Oils

OUTFIT DETAILS: Ripped black jeans | Black baseball cap

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