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Life Update: Spotlight Series, Moving Day, Upcoming Projects

Can you believe that the first official day of fall is a little under a month away?? Before we know it Halloween (my fav), My niece’s FIRST birthday, Thanksgiving and the holidays will be here! Time is flying!

If' you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know that it is that lovely time again - MOVING DAY! I know, I know, Freddie and I move…a lot. But there is usually a good reason as to why we are. Anytime we try to get out of the city, it always calls us back and with that being said, we are heading back to our roots; Studio City.

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The White Dresses You Need This Summer

Every summer, we see fashion trends come and go, but there are some staples that never go out of style - this includes the ever-popular pick; the classic white dress. This year is no different, and today I will be breaking down the different white dress styles you will see all summer long! Which look is your favorite?

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#AskAlyssa - Travel Tips, Fitness Hacks & Balance Advice

A few months ago, I dabbled with the idea of launching an #AskAlyssa section on the blog. It has been such an extraordinary adventure connecting with so many of you through Instagram. I always find myself in these deep and meaningful conversations with you (thank you very much, DM’s) and had the realization that it would be so helpful to share these life experiences and guides right here on the blog! Navigating through life isn’t always easy but having someone who has already walked a particular path can help pave a smoother way. Welcome, my friends to #AskAlyssa!

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But how simple is it, really?

And is it even something we can look for?

Are we able to truly control it?

If you’re anything like me, leading a life filled with joy, laughter & bliss is an absolute must. No matter the situation, I always try to look at the glass as half full (and sometimes, that can be incredibly hard)! However, capturing & holding onto happiness is not something that you will magically “figure out” one day. It is a continuous practice that you must exercise.

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When I was in 8th grade, I remember sitting in English Class and my teacher, Mrs. Pomerantz, told the class that she would be guiding us in a visualization exercise. She instructed us to close our eyes and envision it was our wedding day. She painted a beautiful picture which made us all feel as if we were right there. She continued on and had us visualize, in detail, our wedding dress as we walked down the aisle. At the end of the exercise, she had us greet our significant other and then we were to open our eyes. The class began to roar into discussion as she asked us different questions: “What did your dress look like?” Or “Were you able to envision your future husband or wife?”

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