Before I begin this blog, I want to let you know that most of these pictures only capture the essence of our visit to Creme & Sugar (more on that spectacular place later.) I wasn't planning on blogging about ring shopping as we shot a vlog (coming soon) but it was such a special day and my heart & soul told me to blog the experience - so here I am!

Some of you may be asking, "Isn't the significant other supposed to surprise the girl with the ring?" In most traditional cases, sure. However, Freddie & I are anything but conventional and have always done things in our own unique way. And to be totally honest, he knew the one thing I would want to be a part of in taking this next step would be designing the ring. The proposal, however, would be a complete surprise. 

Quick backstory: Freddie & I have been together for seven years. We began as friends and soon thereafter a whirlwind romance blossomed and a lasting love emerged. Three years into our relationship we were in an intense car accident. It took us many years & surgeries to get our life back to normal but by working together and stopping at nothing, we made it happen. Cut to today - we are finally in a place in our lives where we are ready to take the next step. Timing is EVERYTHING. Through all of the trials and tribulations we have endured, it has made this moment even sweeter for us. 

After doing a ton of research, we discovered the fantastic Happy Jewelers in Fullerton, California. We drove down on Friday morning & my stomach was filled with butterflies. This was such a big moment and I had never tried on rings before, I didn't even know my ring size! As we pulled up to the jewelers, we saw our ever so amazing camera guy, Bryon, already shooting establishing shots. Holy cow, THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING.

As we walked in to greet the jewelers, I literally felt like a kid in a candy shop. Diamonds were shining at me from every which way & I was totally geeking out inside. Once I pulled myself together, I looked up to see the smiling faces of Hayley and the two owners, Danny & Gabe. I knew at that moment that we had come to the right place.

However, when buying a ring, there is a ton of information to educate yourself on, most importantly: The Four C's: Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat. Up until a few weeks ago, Freddie and I were total novices, so it was incredible when they went over the entire chart for us again. More on that in the vlog episode!

After The Four C's, they measured my ring size. I thought I might be a 4, 4.5 but to my surprise, I was actually a 3.5! After that, they brought out the exciting stuff: hellooo diamonds!

The one thing I was certain was that I loved rose gold and I was interested in an oval diamond. The jewelers brought out a variety of diamonds, different carats, shapes, cuts, colors, and clarities. They also pulled out a selection of bands to try on. Once I found a band I loved they would place the different diamonds on top to see how it would look. I don't want to give the full surprise away but I will say this, Freddie and I both knew the exact diamond when we saw it. It was love at first sight. The ring is now in the process of getting made and we are so excited to see it! The next time I see the ring, yours truly will be an engaged woman! 


After an incredible morning, Freddie & I stopped by a place I have been DYING to visit for so long! It is the sweetest little shop called Creme & Sugar located in Anaheim (ten minutes from the jewelers - how perfect!) It is Home of the Unicorn Hot Chocolate and is as fabulous as it sounds. It was too warm outside for hot chocolate so we went with The Unicorn Milkshake and it was what dreams are made of. The presentation was out of this world and the milkshake was simply divine. 

Sitting at Creme & Sugar on that beautiful summer day, enjoying the delightful unicorn treat with the man that I love & treasure so deeply gave me such bliss & contentment in my heart and soul. We had come such a long way & this moment was too sweet not to savor.