#AskAlyssa - How to Land a Brand Deal, Handling Difficult Situations, Favorite Vacay Destinations & Fitness Habit Stacking Ideas


On today’s #AskAlyssa, we’re going to be discussing how to land a brand deal as a blogger (even if you’re just starting out), handling difficult situations with grace, all-time favorite vacation destinations and fitness habit stacking ideas. Let’s get started, shall we?


Q: How do you get brand collaborations? I’m a small blogger still and most of the time I get no response. Why is this so hard?

A: My number one tip on landing brand deals is to remember to make it about the brand and your audience, not yourself. At the end of the day, the brand wants to know how you are going to add value to their company.

In all transparency, about 90% of the brand deals I have done came from brands reaching out to me due to consistent content and engagement I’ve been dedicated to creating. There have been many collaborations I have turned down because I did not believe it to be a good fit for my audience. If the brand does not align with the overall vision of what I know my audience will love, I don’t even entertain the idea.

Micro bloggers are becoming wildly popular to brands because when you have a smaller audience, due to the algorithm, you have a deeper reach. Even if you have 50 followers and 40 of them are engaging with your content, that is what matters. Don’t focus on the numbers; they will come as you continue putting in the work; focus on the consistent content you are creating.

Most travel collaborations I have been a part of came from me reaching out to the hotels. This would be my advice to pitching brands:

  1. Narrow down your niche and audience. Really think about what your audience would be interested in.

  2. Make a list of brands you’d like to collaborate with.

  3. Utilize LinkedIn, Twitter and official websites (search for press releases) to find the PR contact of the company you’d like to pitch.

  4. Send an e-mail explaining who you are and ask for the best contact regarding social media campaigns for that company.

  5. If you’re looking to monetize, head to socialbluebook.com to see what your rates should be. If you’re simply looking to build your portfolio, I would suggest product exchange for deliverables.

  6. Create a media kit to send to the brand. I used canva.com to make mine. (I am going to do a tutorial on YouTube soon breaking down exactly how to make a media kit. Stay posted for this!)

  7. Write a short but sweet pitch e-mail explaining who you and your audience are and why this brand would benefit from your collaboration. Make it detail-oriented and unique, not just, “Oh, my audience will love it!” But more along the lines of, “I have a highly female millennial-focused audience. They are obsessed with knowing the hottest spots to stay, must-go-to restaurants & where to get the most delicious drinks in town. When I saw the _____ Hotel, I knew they would flip for it like I did.” Make this unique to each and every brand you pitch. They don’t want just a copy and pasted e-mail. Make them feel a special connection as to why you are the perfect fit to represent their brand.

  8. Remember, it’s a numbers game. You will get rejections. Often, you won’t get responses. But for every 5-10 e-mails sent, you are bound to get a yes!

Q: How do you handle difficult situations with people?

What’s interesting about life is the fact that there are so many different personalities in this world. Whether you are having a dispute with a friend, a boss or a loved one, it can be hard not to get emotional when you disagree. However, I always am incredibly intentional about taking the high-road. It keeps my aura and energy surrounding me positive.

If someone is cruel to you, do your best to empathize with them. Why are they like that? They must be hurting so deeply inside that it would cause them to lash out. Understanding this will allow you to take a mental note. When individuals make me feel any other way than happy, I take note and make it a priority not to build a relationship or spend time with them. When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.

Don’t waste your time on the drama. Speak your truths and have a back bone but also extend grace. Be the energy you want to see in this world. Don’t allow others to walk all over you but don’t stoop to their level by being cruel back. Have a civil conversation, listen to their side, come up with a solution and move on.

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination?

I have been fortunate to visit some really magical destinations around the world, but I have to say my absolute favorite is Hawaii! The second you step off of the plane, you feel as if you’re in this enchanting bubble. From relaxing on the white sandy beaches to renting a car and adventuring around the tropical island to simply visiting the hula shows, or grabbing a drink at the tiki-bar, there is so much to do! If you ever visit Waikiki, head to the restaurant Heavenly for the most sensational breakfast. Freddie and I walked there every morning! So yummy.

Q: I love the idea of habit stacking. Do you have any thoughts on doing fitness habit stacking?

What a great question! This is something I always implement into my fitness routine, especially when I am just getting back into the groove of things or coming back from an injury. For a quick brush up on habit stacking, remember:

The fastest way to build a new habit into your life is to stack it on top of a current habit, aka a concept called "habit stacking." Due to the current habit already being strongly wired into your brain, you can add a new habit into this quick and efficient network of neurons more quickly than forming a new habit from scratch. The key to consistency is to treat a habit stack like a single action instead of a series of individual tasks.

To use habit stacking, fill out this sentence: 

After/Before [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT].

For example:

  • Flossing Habit: After I brush my teeth, I will floss my teeth.

  • Meditation Habit: After I wash my face, I will meditate for one minute.

To incorporate this into your workout, I would start by completing a normal habit stack for one week.

  • Workout Habit: After I get home from work and walk my dog, I will walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

After one week, allow this habit stack to evolve into:

  • Workout Habit: After I walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, I will do two reps of 25 crunches.

You can continue to design your workout habit stacking unique to you. Remember, start slow and easy - small wins help to build “emotional momentum” as they are easy to remember and complete. You will have your dream workout routine down in no time!

That’s it for today’s #AskAlyssa! If you have a question you want answered, you can drop a comment below or DM me on Instagram. <3 Xx, A