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Ahh, CBD oil. You’ve probably heard of it or know someone who has tried it. If you haven’t, here is the skinny -

CBD oil (aka hemp oil), is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a chemical compound that is found naturally in the cannabis plant. CBD is NOT mind altering like marijuana; in other words, CBD will NOT get you high - there is 0% THC. CBD is known to help with inflammation, arthritis, joint pain, stomach cramps, swelling, epilepsy, aches, colds, anxiety, depression, eczema, psoriasis & rashes.

I first began looking seriously into CBD oil back in December of 2018 when Benji had three petit mal seizures within a few days. Throughout his life, starting at about four-years-old, he would have maybe one petit mal seizure a year or every other year. The doctor explained to keep an eye on him, but if they were not frequent, we would be okay to continue monitoring him without medicine. In December 2018, everything changed. The vet suggested we try a very strong medicine called phenobarbitol. I was willing to do anything for my little dude.

Although he would need blood work every three months to show there was no liver damage from the phenobarbitol (such a scary thought), I was desperate to get the situation under control. We started the drug, and within the first 12 hours, he got VERY SICK. Every 10 minutes (for 48 hours and throughout the night) he would scratch to go on the balcony as he would get ill. It was beyond heartbreaking to watch.


After that, I realized we immediately had to find a plan b. I remembered reading a story about a young girl named Charlotte who was diagnosed with Dravet’s syndrome — an extremely rare and debilitating form of epilepsy. By age five, Charlotte was suffering from up to 300 grand mal seizures a week ! Although she was on multiple medications, nothing seemed to work. Her family was devastated.

Charlotte’s doctors told the parents that there was not much more that could be done for her… or was there?

Her grandfather began researching other children with Dravet’s syndrome, and one story, in particular, stood out; a young boy’s doctor told him to try CBD oil and his results were incredible. They tried it for Charlotte, and the results were almost immediate — going from seizing 300 times a week to NO seizures that entire first week after trying it out!

This story ended up directing me into substantial research about using CBD oil for dogs with epilepsy, and I knew I had to try it for Benj. I now give it to him twice a day & he hasn’t had a seizure since starting in December! I know he may still have them in the future but being able to get them under control was a God-send. Whenever Freddie & I go out of town, we always leave Benj, with his Auntie Kari & his young doggy buddies, Hugo (three-years-old) & Gracie (one-year-old). Kari mentioned she noticed a massive difference in Benji’s energy and playtime with the pups during this past visit and asked if I had been giving him anything —well, you guessed it, it was the CBD oil!

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After seeing what CBD did for Benj, it intrigued me to continue to research on what it could do for humans. Back in July, I ended up having a pinched nerve issue in my lower back & it was brutal. It would heal & then flare up, heal & then flare up. Although it was never as bad as the initial injury, it still was NOT fun! I decided to try CBD oil and I am so happy I did!

I have been using it for two months, one drop in the am & one drop in the evening, & y’all. It is AMAZING. It has helped so much with inflammation and nerve pain. It also has been a great way to keep anxiety at bay & indulge in a sound sleep.

You read it here - CBD oil has been magic for me + Benj.

As always, consult your doctor if you’re on any other medication before taking CBD.

Have you guys tried CBD oil? Thoughts? Opinions? Would love to hear your experiences.

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