This past weekend, I connected with a long-time girlfriend of mine. We caught up, made sure all was well in the world with one another, and then we got real af. We started discussing the future and had an insanely transparent convo with one another.

She mentioned she was in major need of pivoting the direction of her life and was sharing her hopes and dreams for the future. She continued and asked for my advice as we had similar paths.

After hearing her desires vs. her actions, it made one thing incredibly clear to me; to reach new heights in your life you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Anything beautiful that has ever developed in my life all began with me being extremely uncomfortable at first.

Any idea I have ever had was then developed as you must cultivate, water and grow that seed. If you want to get serious about a new direction, you must map out a strategic and specific game plan - backward and forward.


Think about a time when something absolutely sensational happened in your life. A time where you achieved an exhilarating goal.

Did you have to get uncomfortable before you became comfortable?

When I think back to my experiences, anytime I step out of my comfort zone; that is where the magic happens.

A few examples: 1. Learning a new business model in early 2014 and going head first into an industry I had zero experience in, all while working full-time as an executive assistant and a tutor to a high-schooler. I was looking to quit my jobs for a better opportunity, and in the third quarter of 2014, I was able to do that. 2. After my car accident in 2014, (Lol, 2014 was a big year for me) I whipped my mindset into shape and fought harder than ever to get my life back. 12 surgeries later and a grateful heart, here I am today! 3. Putting myself out on the Internet and learning everything I could about blogging, editing and podcasting. I used to get SO AWKWARD anytime Freddie, and I used to go out and shoot photos. Now I embrace it and have fun while doing it!


So how do you get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

  1. Start.

    Let’s be real - the first step is always the most uncomfortable. But all you have to do is show up! Your battle is half won if you just show up.

  2. Don’t Quit.

    Results take consistency and time. Remember that! There is no quantum leap in life, you have to continue to stay committed to your goals, and they will come to fruition. Keep pushing forward!

  3. Push past your comfort zone.

    At some point you will say to yourself, “I’ve never done this” or “I don’t know how to do this.” We’ve all be there. The trick? Don’t say it out loud. Pretend you know exactly what you’re doing. When it’s over, you’ll think, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought.” Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

  4. Be around like-minded people and track your progress.

    You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Create a positive circle that supports you and roots you on. Continue to track progress so you can see how far you’ve come. You’ve got this! Keep going!

  5. Wash, rinse & repeat.

    The more you perform the same activity the more confidence you will gain. The harder you work, the easier it looks.

A few quick reminders:

Use fear as fuel. 

There is no perfect moment, it doesn’t exist! You have to create it yourself. 

Being “ready” is an excuse. Get out there and DO.

Your turn: What are your thoughts? Are you uncomfortable right now? What’s making you uncomfortable? Do you believe getting uncomfortable is worth it?