A few months ago, I found myself feeling absolutely stuck. I had just lost my Grandfather, my to-do list was sky high and I had new projects I was trying to get off of the ground but was making zero progress. I knew I needed to step back and take a breather. 

Through trial and error, I discovered a few strategies that worked beautifully in helping me feel unstuck and re-inspired. Anytime I ever begin to feel stuck, I will go back to this easy game plan to get out of the ever-dreaded funk that we all go through from time to time. 

How to Get Re-inspired When You’re Feeling Stuck

1. Seek inspiration. Whenever we feel overwhelmed with life or work, we immediately stop the fun. However, the fun we enjoy is often the very thing that motivates us and could be exactly what we need to regroup. Whether you enjoy running, reading a good book, taking a relaxing bubble bath or indulging in your favorite reality tv episode, make the time to treat yourself!

2. Fuel your brain with positivity. If I am feeling uninspired, I immediately go to something that always helps transform my mindset: positive music, podcasts and keynotes. I find that through each listen, there is always one lyric or sentence that hits me deeply and reawakens me. When working out, I LOVE listening to this mix of inspirational speeches and music. It forces me to focus solely on the moment, my intentions and goals.

3. Conduct a brain dump. I have been obsessed with brain dumping for years and wrote about its benefits in The Pivot Principle. Do you ever have those days where you feel like you have a never-ending list of random to-do’s floating around in your head? Your life feels unorganized and you’re not quite sure how you are going to get a grip on everything? Brain dumping will be a game changer for you!

First, put your cellphone and laptop away for at least 30 minutes. Then, bring out your favorite notebook and pen. Physically writing is key to this activity. Begin writing everything that comes to mind - don’t stress about spelling or grammar; this is solely for you. Continue creating your to-do list and dump every single idea that you can think of, don’t hold back! If you think it, write it.

Once you’ve completed your brain dump, review all of the ideas on the page. From here, you can organize and plan a structured to-do list (on your laptop or notepad), knowing that you are not missing anything! This will help to keep your anxiety at bay and map out a structured schedule.

4. Get outside! Anytime I need a pick me up, I immediately force myself to go outside. Going for a walk, run, or just being one with nature helps me to regain my inspiration and focus. It allows me to sort through my thoughts and really pinpoint and declare what it is that I want. This helps to spark that fire within me and build momentum for the future.

Next time you are feeling uninspired and overwhelmed, take a moment to realign. Pursue the inspiration and organization you need to get back on your A-game. You will then re-enter the world feeling refreshed, focused and unstoppable.

Which of these strategies would you be most likely to use in your life?