Whether you are meeting a new acquaintance, getting interviewed, taking a meeting, going on a first date, or meeting the parents, it doesn't matter the situation; you only have one shot to make a first impression. 

First impressions are incredibly hard to change. Think about a co-worker or perhaps a boss or friend; chances are you have a specific feeling towards them due to the initial meet.  The first few seconds are critical. Here is how you can make them count!

1. Introduce yourself within the first seven seconds

According to science, the first seven seconds in which you meet a new individual is when you’ll make your “first impression.” No matter my mood, whenever I am meeting someone new, I always make an effort to offer my hand first and introduce myself. The introduction is a wonderful place to reinforce the name of the person you just met. I am not the greatest with names, so this little trick helps me! For example, once the contact offers their name - “Hi, I’m Becca,” I always reply with, “Great to meet you, Becca!”  This allows the new contact's name to be embedded into my brain to remember for later. 


2. Smile

As corny as it sounds, your vibe attracts your tribe. Your energy is CONTAGIOUS. Be the positive presence that you want to have surrounding you. Offering a smile allows the other individual to feel comfortable with you and helps you to loosen up. Did you know that 48 percent of all Americans feel that a smile is the most memorable feature after first meeting someone? 


3. Make eye contact

Looking an individual in the eye shows that you are confident and interested in what they are saying. In the US, it also shows respect to the person you are meeting. By making eye contact, it shows a sense of interest in the conversation. On the same note, looking away too often will make you appear distracted. Don’t get too wild on this one though, if you don’t take breaks now and then; your eye contact could be looked at as staring - moderation is everything!  


4. Be aware of body language

I am beyond fascinated with people watching. There is so much you can learn about an individual by merely observing their body language; anxieties, comfort, confidence, etc. When making a first impression, you want to be standing up straight, body relaxed and comfortable. Have you ever heard of the 'Power Poses'? High power poses are often open and relaxed while the low power poses are closed and guarded. Being aware of your stance will allow you to make a killer first impression. 


5. Ask Questions

When you are meeting people for the first time, approach others with a genuine interest in who they are. This is often contagious and you will have better conversations and lasting connections when you are interested. Actively engage and listen to your new contact. It will build a solid foundation for the future relationship.