Life Update: Spotlight Series, Moving Day, Upcoming Projects


Can you believe that the first official day of fall is a little under a month away?? Before we know it Halloween (my fav), My niece’s FIRST birthday, Thanksgiving and the holidays will be here! Time is flying!

If' you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know that it is that lovely time again - MOVING DAY! I know, I know, Freddie and I move…a lot. But there is usually a good reason as to why we are. Anytime we try to get out of the city, it always calls us back and with that being said, we are heading back to our roots; Studio City.

For the past two years, we have been residing in Pasadena, which we absolutely adore. It is a charming city with lovely people and places; however, it is pretty far east. With LA traffic, it can take forever to get where we need to go. We’ve been house hunting for the past few weeks and finally found a great spot in Studio City. We will be moving in at the end of this week!

Freddie and I have been dying to build an in-home podcast studio and with the extra room in our new digs, we will be able to do just that! We are really looking to 10x our podcast with intriguing guests, candid conversation and double the episodes. We will be documenting behind the scenes of bringing our podcast studio to life on our stories so stay tuned for more of The Freddie & Alyssa Show! Eventually, I will be sure to do a home tour on the blog with links to some of my favorite must-have home items!


As far as other projects go, we have been busy this summer prepping! We’re in the process of working to take our script Unplugged to the next stage. Unplugged is an ensemble comedy about high-school friends coming together for their ten-year reunion with an unsuspected theme – no cellphone and no internet for 48 hours. (The horror!) We will keep you posted with live updates as they come.

Also, next week, I will be launching a new interview collection right here on the blog. I love starting my week off hearing from other individuals who inspire, educate or entertain - and I wanted to share some magnificent individuals with you all! I am still deciding if it should be called the Spotlight Series or Tabit Talk. Let me know which you like best!

Wishing you a wonderful week. Talk soon!