It is no secret that I am obsessed with routines. If you have read The Pivot Principle or seen past blogs such as The Truth About Morning Routines, I go into great detail on my specific morning routine and why having one is so powerful & beneficial. But what about bedtime routines? Do they work? Heck yes, they do.

Morning routines are an excellent way to set the tone for your day. However, bedtime routines, are the perfect way to reflect, relax and ultimately have the greatest possible sleep so you can recharge your batteries and in turn, have a following phenomenal day.

Here is a list of my personal bedtime rituals that have helped me to relax, reflect and sleep like a baby!

1. Ask yourself the golden question

Every night before I go to sleep, I ask myself, “If I were to live every day as I did today, what kind of life would that create for myself?” This question allows me to evaluate my priorities vs. my actions. It helps to keep me focused and feeling proud when I’ve had a fantastic day. On the flip side, it helps kick my booty into gear if it hasn’t been the most productive day. Perspective is powerful!

2. Write down three things that went well that day, and three things that didn’t

While you are on the reflection wavelength, this is a wonderful activity that allows you to do a quick audit of the day. This ritual enables you to acknowledge what went well each day to keep you from dwelling on what went wrong. It is also an excellent gratitude exercise to take a moment to see the good in each day.

On the other hand, there is value in acknowledging what went wrong. By taking a step back and seeing what can be improved, you are able to make tweaks before brewing problems become full-fledged disasters. Understanding how you can make small improvements will help you course-correct early on. This activity takes five minutes, max!

3. Make tomorrow’s to-do list aka brain dumping

I chat about brain dumping ALL OF THE TIME but it truly is my secret weapon! I love doing this activity at night and in the morning. This exercise allows me to plan my day and not feel worried or anxious that I will forget something. I used to spend hours tossing and turning in bed at night, thinking of every little thing I had to do the following day. This ritual helps to bring peace of mind and relax to the fullest.

4. Set out what you need for tomorrow

I find that setting clothes out, packing a lunch, etc., the night before, allows the next day to run incredibly smooth. Freddie and I have this joke that I am always preparing future Alyssa & Freddie for the most comfortable day ever. By doing so, this allows me to relax for sleep. This ritual is incredibly helpful for those that have a busy schedule or in crunch time.

5. Take a hot shower or bath

Ever since I was a kid, I have been in love with bubble baths. They allow you to truly unwind and exist in the moment. I love throwing on relaxing music and just having '‘me” time. I also find that I have some of my best ideas while in the tub or shower. Water truly has a way of soothing your mind so your thoughts can become more fluid and your ideas have a chance to come to life. Try it! You may find your next great idea while sudsing up!

6. All about the skincare

Y’all know I am obsessed with skincare, so I take my nightly skincare routine very seriously. I believe when you look better you feel better. And when you feel better, you do better. Here is my nightly skincare routine:

I start with Neora Face Wash and then put on a small amount of Day Cream. I then use my Clarisonic Profile Uplift. This product is my JAM. It is a definite splurge but so worth it. This tool provides an anti-aging facial massage that is proven to reduce 15 signs of aging over the course of 12 weeks.

Since I’ve turned 30, my lovely, ever-changing hormones enjoy playing tricks on me. If I ever have a pimple flare up, I LIVE by this Lerosett Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask. I put it on for 10 minutes, wash my face and then end my routine with Neora Night Cream. I have been using this product for five years now and swear by it. Lastly, once a week I use Eye-V Gels to help keep the bags away and my under eyes bright!

7. Meditate

If you survived that skincare routine, the last step is here! Lol - Meditating for 10 minutes is how I end the evening to send me off to a marvelous sleep. I use an app called Breethe that helps with guided meditations & relieves stress.

Do you have a bedtime routine? Let me know below! If you try any of these rituals, I’d love to hear your experience! Happy Unwinding!


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