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A few months ago, I dabbled with the idea of launching an #AskAlyssa section on the blog. It has been such an extraordinary adventure connecting with so many of you through Instagram. I always find myself in these deep and meaningful conversations with you (thank you very much, DM’s) and had the realization that it would be so helpful to share these life experiences and guides right here on the blog! Navigating through life isn’t always easy but having someone who has already walked a particular path can help pave a smoother way. Welcome, my friends to #AskAlyssa!

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This past Friday, I flew into New Jersey as my sister is due to give birth this month! Although she measures early, her official due date is October 31st (my favorite holiday- Halloween!) On Saturday afternoon, I was reminiscing with my parents, and we couldn’t believe how long it had been since we all carved pumpkins together! If you saw last year’s Halloween Vlog with Freddie, I am ALL about the holiday spirit! Carving pumpkins, scary movies, candy corn, you name it - I am there!

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