This past Friday, I flew into New Jersey as my sister is due to give birth this month. Although she measures early, her official due date is October 31st (my favorite holiday- Halloween!)

On Saturday afternoon, I was reminiscing with my parents, and we couldn’t believe how long it had been since we all carved pumpkins together! If you saw last year’s Halloween Vlog with Freddie, I am ALL about the holiday spirit! Carving pumpkins, scary movies, candy corn, you name it - I am there!

My family and I thought it would be magical to revisit this special pastime and head to the pumpkin patch the following day. Before bed, I googled ‘Pumpkin Patches in Long Branch, NJ’ - Unfortunately, there weren’t any closer to the coast, but I found a spot called Eastmont Orchards in Colts Neck.

Sunday afternoon arrived, and we filed into one car and drove over to Colts Neck. As we got closer to the final destination, we spotted a cute little patch with pumpkins and produce. As we continued down the road, we saw "Eastmont Orchards” - how exciting! We made it! However, as we pulled up to the gate, we noticed the entire patch entrance was blocked off. We looked up and saw a sign that said, ‘CLOSED FOR THE SEASON.’

After driving around, we noticed many other cars having the same realization we just did - this patch was closed! The good news? There was an adorable patch up the street that we could visit instead. We made a U-turn and headed that way.

As we stepped out of the car, we were greeted with the sunshine on our face, a crisp, chilly breeze through our hair and pumpkins galore. We admired the beauty, and each ran off in different directions. About ten minutes later, we all reconnected to show each other the pumpkins we had found.


On our way home, we stopped at Walgreens to pick up a few pumpkin carving kits. Funny enough, when Bree and I were kids, I don’t think pumpkin carving kits were even a thing yet. We always carved old school style where you would draw a design on the pumpkin and then carve out the pieces with a kitchen knife. We decided that this year it was time to step up our game.

When we got back to the house we teamed up: Dad and I would carve one pumpkin, Bree and Jim the other and Mom would make the delish pumpkin seeds! We started thumbing through the design selections, and I told my Dad to pick his favorite. He ended up going with a witchy pattern - a very similar template to the one I chose a year earlier! Like Father, like Daughter!

We put down newspaper and began gutting the pumpkin and separating the seeds. I oddly LOVE this part of the process. Just me? Lol - After that, we wet the design and placed it against the pumpkin and began carving. I didn’t drop a pumpkin this year, so that was a solid win for me! Refer to Exhibit A here.

Our selections were detailed, so it took some time to carve, but between the good company, excellent music and the memories in the making, it was an evening I will hold close to my heart!

Your turn: Do you like carving pumpkins? Have you done it yet this year? Do you prefer carving the old school way or with pumpkin carving kits?

Happy Halloween!

The witch design I chose a year earlier!

The witch design I chose a year earlier!