I get it. Life is chaotic. We can't always control what is going to happen. But do you ever feel like your weekends flash by in the blink of an eye and the fresh, new week hits you right in the face and you feel totally unprepared? Errands need to get done, deadlines are approaching, the laundry and your household are a hot mess and you have no idea what you can wear Monday morning? 

Yuuup. We have all been there. And for many years this was me. But after discovering specific practices and scheduling, it has helped me master the most seamless week, leaving enough time to unplug & recharge! I've got you!

1. Schedule, schedule, schedule! Did I mention schedule?

Y’all this is the secret for me. My planner gives me life and without it…I am nothing. Okay, super dramatic BUT YOU GET IT. If there is one thing you get from this read today, let it be to get a planner and map the heck out of your week.

I love using my downtime to create leverage for the upcoming week. I legit plan every single day the night before. Starting from my mornings of journaling & reading personal development, down to calls, emails, workouts, writing, editing, lunch breaks, etc. If I don’t have it written down, I promise you; it will not get done. 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Make sure you use them wisely! Use downtime to your advantage. Take just 30 minutes in your evening to map out your following day. Your future self will thank you! 


2. Three words: Brain Dumping Journal

Say what? What the heck is a brain dumping journal? 

Get ready for the best hack yet - I introduce to you the best way EVER to untangle your mind:

Brain. Dumping. Journal.

Every morning (per my SCHEDULE that I planned the night before), I allow 15-20 minutes to get all of the mumbo-jumbo out of my head and onto the paper. All of those last minute things we remind ourselves “not to forget” (YA OKAY), you simply put into your brain dumping journal and refer to throughout the day. By jotting everything down, it truly helps to ease my anxiety, keep my brain focused & sharp. 

Once you get everything on the page, organize and prioritize your list. Label every task from most important to least. Checking items off on your to-do list releases dopamine, a chemical connecting to feelings of pleasure, learning & motivation! When we feel the effects of dopamine,  we are eager to repeat the actions that resulted in success in the first place. Sounds dope (I couldn't resist), right? Now get on with your brain dumping journal self! 


3. Make short-term goals

Small wins = more motivation to get you closer to your end goal. By having short-term goals, you are building momentum for the big picture.  Whether that is to lose weight, slay your side hustle, grow your social media platforms, etc., starting small and doing a little bit every single day will get you there faster than you could imagine. Once you build momentum, run with that baby and never look back! 

4. Work smart, not hard

In this cray-cray busy social media world, it can be wildly overwhelming to make sure everything is under control, your brand is growing & you're feeling good all while doing it. The best way to win this battle is by uniting your tasks aka batching. What is batching you ask? Batching is setting aside an intentional amount of time for intentional tasks & making an intentional effort not to allow any distractions to break your focus.

For example, every Sunday evening, I put my phone away and gather/edit all of my upcoming social media content for the week. By setting this time aside every week, I know I must get it done and it allows me to put my 110% into bringing the best media I can to each platform. Instead of being scattered throughout the week, trying to last-minute pull/take photos and then trying to write captions all while feeling uninspired or in a rush, the content delivered is not going to be my best. Instead, I pick days or blocks of time to get tasks done each day/week. Every time we become distracted, it takes an average of 15 minutes to regain complete focus. Say bye-bye to this problem with batching!

5. Don't forget to schedule YOU time

At the end of the day, if we do not have a sound body, mind and spirit, we are unable to give our full potential to anyone. Meditate, read ten pages a day of an excellent self-development book and exercise.

If you mix all of these ingredients, you are bound to have a killer week!




Now that we have mastered how to make it a phenomenal week, take a look below for outfit details!