How to Beat the Common Cold


“I love getting sick!”

…Said no one ever.

Last week, I woke up with every intent to finish unpacking since we just moved back to Studio City. However, my body had other plans. Upon opening my eyes, I couldn’t stop sneezing. I instantly felt a tender, sore throat, runny nose that needed immediate tissue attention and an overall feeling of fatigue. “Damn,” I thought. I had just become victim to the common cold.

After rolling over with a groan, I snuggled up against my sheets and did what any millennial would do; pulled up Instagram and asked what everyone’s favorite at-home cold remedies were. After trial and error, I’ve hand-selected some of my favorite tips that will help you beat the common cold in no time!

  1. All About the Bone-Broth. I have been hearing incredible benefits about bone-broth for the past few years and have been wanting to try it! Not only does bone-broth help with joint paint, prevent aging skin, support digestive health, increase energy, and improve quality of sleep (among many other things), but it also helps to boost immune function and supports total-body wellness.

  2. Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold, Yes, Please! I needed instant relief, and that is precisely what I got with this product. Be cognizant when purchasing of whether it is non-drowsy or nighttime, you don’t want to be sleepy at work!

  3. Ricola Cough Drops to the Rescue. Anytime I feel a strong sore throat coming on, these are my first choice for cough drops. They taste great and always get the job done for cough and sore throat relief.

  4. Comfort with Organic Throat Coat Tea. I have been using this tea for many years and when I feel a sore throat coming on it is my go-to! This tea helps to soothe an unpleasant and unwanted sore throat.

  5. Honey for the Win. - Along with my copious cups of tea, I always add honey. Honey acts as a cough suppressant while being a soothing agent for your throat.

  6. Stay hydrated. Eat lots of delicious chicken noodle soup and rest, rest, rest! Silver lining? Being sick is the perfect excuse to catch up on your favorite tv show and catch up on your sleep. Happy resting! <3

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If you have any go-to cold remedies, I’d love to hear below.