#AskAlyssa - Fall Fashion, “Me Time” Must Haves & The Ultimate Long-Wearing Lipstick


Do you ever have those days where you feel like you need a little pick me up?

Mhmm, me too.

The theme of today’s #AskAlyssa ended up exploring just that! Here are some tips and tricks to looking and feeling your best this fall, inside and out.

Q: What is your favorite “me time” thing to do?

A: Lately, I have been living for my nightly bubble baths using either bath bombs or Bath and Body Works shower gel (Sea Island Cotton scent is my jam). Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients which effervesce when wet. They add essential oils, bubbles, fragrance, or color to bathwater. Bath bombs absorb quickly into your pores which kick their benefits up a notch - they clean & moisturize your skin, wake up dull, tired skin & leave you feeling radiant af.

My favorite nightly ritual is to light a candle, throw on my Norah Jones Pandora playlist and soak in the moment, allowing me to wind down after a busy day.

Q: Love your style! Looking for affordable fall tops to help flatten my stubborn tummy bulge area? TY!

A: One of my favorite affordable looks that easily achieve this is loose and light sweaters paired with leggings or jeans with boots. Not only is it comfortable, but with light-weight statement sweaters, you can still feel fashionable and chic. I especially love off the shoulder pieces. Take a look at the clickable photos below for inspo!

Q: What is one thing that makes you feel better when you’re having a bad day?

A: Music all day, every day. Music is one of my favorite tools to use whether I need to be inspired, get my heart-rate up, or simply be in my feelings. You can take a look at how to use the power of music to your advantage & my personal favorite playlists here.

Q: I’m looking for an every-day lipstick that will stay in place. What do you suggest?

A: I have two go-to lipsticks that I wear every other day. The first is Soar lip liner by MAC paired with Brave lipstick by MAC. This combination helps to keep my lips moisturized & is legit a dreamboat pairing. Brave is a slightly warm-toned, medium-dark pink with a satin finish. It’s my go-to color that goes with everything.

My second favorite is Posie K by Kylie. I love using the lip kit with liner first and then the liquid lipstick. I always switch it up between the matte liquid lipstick and the actual gloss, depending on if my lips are feeling dry or not (matte colors tend to be more on the dry side). This color is bold and sassy without being too in your face. It brightens me up and gives me a boost when coffee isn’t doing the trick. Also, this color is long-lasting - it stays on all day long!

I also love pairing my Posie K lipliner with the Brave MAC lipstick. It’s my secret weapon to keeping my lips smooth, silky and luminous.

Q: Any fall trends I need to know about?

A: Living in SoCal, we slowly ease into fall fashion due to the weather (champagne problems, I know, I know). However, I love starting each season with statement booties! I’ve been living in my JustFab boots and am excited to continue implementing them into my fall wardrobe!


JustFab Fall Boots

Q: With the holidays around the corner, I’m trying to focus on my health now. I’ve been going to the gym and trying to eat healthy. Any other advice to keep my wellness in check?

A: Yay! Keep up the great work. I feel the 90 days going into the end of the year are always so imperative to build momentum going into the following year. When it comes to health and wellness, I am CBD obsessed. I also recently started taking Goli Gummies - apple cider vinegar bites that taste delish. They help with digestion, complexion, weight, energy levels and so much more - basically magic in a bottle, ya feel me? Use alyssatabit5 for 5% off at checkout if you decide to try!

Do you have any fall fashion favorites or a long-wear lipstick you swear by? Let me know below! <3